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Service: On-site simultaneous Interpreting
Languages: English to French and vice-versa
Topic: Innovation & best practices in DEI – diversity, equity inclusion in top London companies. 3-days conference

One woman and one man, colleagues, are standing in a glass building. Through the window, we can see the London Gherkin.

I selected & managed the team of interpreters and worked on-site in French-English in London., hired the equipment and consulted on the tech side of working with interpreters. 

Indeed, we helped the HR department from a French insurance company meet with innovators in the field of Diversity, Equality and Inclusion. 

Results: The interpreting brought such added value to the event, despite the language difference, that the discussion was extremely lively.

In addition, the portable, comfortable equipment worked like a charm, and everyone was able to communicate freely.


Testimonial: “I couldn’t put it any better than this. If you’re looking for a quick fix, then this isn’t the solution you’re looking for, but if you want a job done properly, then Luna sets out clearly what is done to prepare beforehand, so that your event runs as smoothly as a smooth thing that’s just been ironed.” Award-winning interpreter & dear colleague, Paul Appleyard.

A woman in an office taking a selfie. Behind her, the London gherkin and the City of London The city of London from the 27th floor of the Heron tower. Looking over the gherkin.

Service: RSI (Remote Simultaneous Interpreting) 
Languages: English to French, English to Brazilian Portuguese
Topic: Black Lives Matter, Archaeology. 1-day conference

Part of a leaflet for a conference on Black Lives Matter

I selected, vetted & managed the team of specialised interpreters for the language combinations English-French and English-Brazilian Portuguese, and consulted on the technical aspects of working with interpreters.


What did the client enjoy the most from this collaboration?
The translation team was extremely well organized, detail-oriented and efficient. I felt that our event was in expert hands, and we received lots of positive feedback from participants about how accessible the event was across language backgrounds. I really appreciated the steps the team took to solicit materials in advance to best prepare for the event, including key terms, particular usages of terms in our field, and any other advance written or recorded materials for review. This was really going above and beyond to ensure seamless translation during the event.

As a result of their satisfaction, the client generously added a few sentences to add to my website:
“Our event would never have had the global impact it did without the expert services of ArtLife Translations. The team was extremely well-organized, efficient and very pleasant to work with. As a result of their work, our event was attended and subsequently viewed by hundreds of people around the world. The event has also stimulated much more fruitful discussion as a result of researchers from many countries being able to participate actively in the event without the challenge of language barriers.” Kristina Douglass, archaeologist, Penn State University

Second part of the leaflet about an event on archaeology and black lives matter.

Service: Simultaneous Interpreting
Languages: French to English and vice-versa
Topic: Agriculture, climate change, sustainable farming. (2-days conference, in a heritage site and on a farm.)

A simultaneous interpreter at work in a room full of delegates

I selected & managed the team of interpreters and worked on-site in French-English for a rural resilience meet up between farmers discussing the socio-ecological transition in Nantes (France). I also consulted on the equipment to rent and on the technical aspects of hiring interpreters.

Results: Because we were well-prepared and experienced interpreters, we were able to adapt to the unusual conditions (interpreting in a farm), and disruptors in the agribusiness industry coming from all over Europe could seamlessly understand and participate in the complex panel discussions and expert roundtables taking place in French.


Testimonial: “Leur professionnalisme et leur bonne humeur ont permis de briser les barrières linguistiques et culturelles.” (English translation “Their professionalism and good moods allowed us to break down linguistic and cultural barriers.”) Valérie Geslin, Project coordinator, ARC2020

In a barn, a conference is taking place

Service: RSI (Remote Simultaneous Interpreting)
Languages: English to French
Topic: Archaeology (3-day symposium on the state of knowledge on Madagascar’s archaeology)

Two conference interpreters working remotely.

I managed the team of interpreters and provided simultaneous translation, technical support and consultancy for the smooth running of the 3-day remote event.

Results: Thanks to our skills and expertise, scholars and archaeologists were able to reconnect after the pandemics and effectively share technical information and new findings in their field.


Testimonial: “Luna was an incredible help with our event and went far beyond my expectations in preparing and following up on the project.”  Zoe Crossland, Department of Archaeology, Columbia University

Service: Exhibition Translation Project Management
Languages: English to Swedish
Topic: Art exhibition “Auschwitz: Not Long Ago, Not Far Away” to open in Malmö, Sweden. 70K words

Exhibition opening. We see wall texts for the exhibition and visitors shadows

I carefully selected and vetted the team of specialised translators and managed the very large translation project from English into Swedish of the award-winning exhibition, in constant collaboration with the Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum and the Living History Forum of Sweden.

Results: The world-renowned exhibition could open in Malmö right on schedule, to critical acclaim, for the first time made available in Swedish. (And has now been extended!)


Testimonial: “We contacted Luna to carry out a project with a lot of material to translate, sensitive deadlines and last minute modifications/additions.
Thanks to her willingness, professionalism and commitment, we were able to complete the project on time and with good results.”  Irene Pagalday, Musealia

an exhibition opens in Malmö, sweden  Small picture of the exhibition translation credits

Service: Translation & proofreading
Languages: English to French
Topic: Exhibits spanning all art history from its very beginnings. 100K words

British Museum

I translated parts of and reviewed/edited all existing audioguide content for one of the world’s most famous museum as they modernised their audioguide devices.

Results: As a result, the new updated audioguides were rolled out on time and millions of French-speaking visitors could get the most out of their experience at the museum again.


Testimonial: “It is always a pleasure to work with Luna: she is very knowledgeable, thorough, and her translations reflect the subtleties of the original texts. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for well-researched translations and proofreading.”  Danielle Bastiaens, Project Manager

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So happy you're here!

Luna and I have been helping my dream clients localizing their content and communicating with their audiences for over ten years.

I am a qualified translator & conference interpreter (BA & MA), a Chartered Linguist (CIOL) and proud founder of
Artlife Translations.

Say goodbye to wonky translations. You deserve top-class, accountable professionals, with a human touch.

So happy you're here!

I'm Luna and I have been helping my dream clients localize their content & communicate with their audience for over ten years.

I am a qualified translator & conference interpreter (BA & MA), a Chartered Linguist (CIOL) and proud founder of Artlife Translations.

Say goodbye to wonky translations, you deserve specialised & accountable professionals, with a human touch.