Summer Mastermind Retreat for Translators & Interpreters

June 2023 will be remembered as the year of the first Summer Mastermind Retreat for Translators & Interpreters organised by (Virginia Katsimpiri). What a treat! I might let the pictures speak for themselves before I start describing what an incredible event this was, and what a privilege I had to be part of it… […]

Translate your museum content into French

Why it’s the perfect time to translate your museum content into French

With travel restrictions and quarantine measures currently in place, it’s easy to think that there’s no point in working on your foreign visitor experience these days. Museums and galleries are only just opening up and getting back on their feet, and it may seem like there are other aspects of the business that need to […]

Oil on canvas

How Promoting your Exhibition can Boost Visitor Experience

h h It’s the buzzword on every curator and museum marketer’s lips: visitor experience. I’ve already written about the importance of visitor experience, especially concerning why having immersive, accessible exhibitions allows visitors to museums and galleries to truly enjoy the artworks. However, today I want to zoom in on how institutions can boost their visitor […]

Robert Bye Picture of the MoMA museum

Re-open Museums in a Safe and Meaningful Way

How To Re-open Museums in a Safe and Meaningful Way h h In the past week, museums and galleries across Europe are starting to see art lovers reunited with their favourite artworks. With Italy finally re-opening its borders, and other countries assumed to soon follow suit and open up to tourists, it appears that culture […]

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20+ Ideas to Stay Creative in Confinement

I know your inbox is exploding with a million and one things you should be doing during lockdown… Mine is, too. What I’m mostly missing, though, is feeling genuinely inspired by rich and restorative creative options.– If you’re like me, then I’ve got you covered. – I’ve shortlisted below some of the most exciting, well-presented […]

Visitor Experience exhibition

Boosting Visitor Experience

Is the culture of the ‘experience’, of the ‘Instagrammable’, damaging the art?

Detail from optical artwork by Victor Vasarely

Slow Art Day with Victor Vasarely

What type of exhibition goer are you?Do you run around the museum, wanting to see everything, read everything, check out each room, gallery and floor? Or do you take your time to take in each work of art, see how you connect with the artist, even when you don’t have time to see everything? Would […]

French live translation art event

Will Machine Translation replace Human Translators?

Why can’t Google Translate do the job? Because you can’t just replace one sentence by its equivalent in another language. Let me explain…

Small Stories exhibition

David Lynch ‘Small Stories’

David Lynch ‘Small Stories’ Photo Exhibition Anyone who knows me also knows my love for the art of David Lynch. The Budapest Mucsarnok (Kunsthalle) showed his photographic exhibition, ‘Small Stories’, in June. To him, photographs might not tell a whole story.Rather, they tell a small story. First, you go through a tiny Black Lodge, the […]

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Why would you hire a small translation business over a large company?

Surely, the large company can tackle more subjects, has a larger team and more reviews. Well, it really depends on what you need. Of course, both worlds have their flaws and advantages. Look at it this way.If you are looking for a regular black jumper, something functional, it’s likely you’ll go to H&M or Zara: […]