Martin Creed

10 themes, 10 art posts: The Millennial Museum Blast

Organised on Instagram by the original Musaller,Angela Gala @imamusaller Day 1: Creativity I thought that was one of the hardest themes! How do you express creativity with something that cannot be considered anything else than creative? Therefore, my shot of a painting by expressionist Leon Kossoff inspired me to show how creativity can distort familiarity. […]

Frida Kahlo

A tribute to Frida Kahlo, by an art translator

Frida Kahlo was always special to me, ever since I saw the movie with Salma Hayek in Spanish class. Yes, I know, it’s pretty ‘trendy’ to say that, at the moment, because everyone loves her. Yet, I was lucky enough to see her work from up close at the Budapest National Gallery and it changed […]

Francis Bacon

Francis Bacon, Nils Frahm and climbing Mt Kilimanjaro

Journal of an art translator – Week #5 / 4th Feb / #ArtlifeTranslations: Francis Bacon I picked the awesome exhibition from the painters of the School of London at the Hungarian National Gallery for today’s #ArtlifeMondays Francis Bacon, Lucian Freud, David Hockney, etc.Bacon being one of my all-time favourites. His tortured figures move me, it’s like […]

Institut du monde arabe

Arab World Institute, client feedback and night owls

Journal of a museum translator – Week #4 / 29th Jan / #ArtlifeMondays:The Arab World Institute Last week’s #ArtlifeMondays article made me want to show you another prime example, if more modern, of Arabic patterns in architecture. The façade of the building that is home to the Arab World Institute is outstanding, both outside and inside. That’s […]

Mudéjar style architecture

The Real Alcazar, Gallery Girl and Stanislaw Szukalski

Journal of an art translator – Week #3 / 21st Jan / #ArtlifeMondays #Throwback to February 2018 when I discovered the Real Alcázar of Sevilla. I’ve been obsessed with Arabic geometrical patterns and design ever since I discovered them in Istanbul’s glorious mosques. Applied to mosaics, ceramics, wooden structures, architecture, Islamic decorative art and the geometry […]

British Museum

The Hive in London, translator for the British Museum

Journal of a museum translator– Week #2 – #ArtlifeMondays: The Hive Isn’t it a good idea to step into the week,feeling inspired and curious? As a museum translator, every Monday, I’ll post about something artsy I’ve visited or done recently. Indeed, I thought it would be nice to distract our busy minds for a second, […]

Luna Jungblut, French translator

2019 goals, CPD & piano breaks

Journal of an art translator– Week #1 – / 8th Jan / Hot and cold / When I started calling myself an ‘entrepreneur’, calling my freelance baby a ‘business’, talking about my ‘systems’ I was concerned. Indeed, it didn’t feel natural. I was worried it would change into something mechanical, cold, about numbers, productivity or […]