David Lynch ‘Small Stories’

David Lynch ‘Small Stories’ Photo Exhibition

David Lynch exhibition in Budapest, Hungary.
David Lynch ‘Small Stories’ Photography exhibition in Budapest

Anyone who knows me also knows my love for the art of David Lynch.

The Budapest Mucsarnok (Kunsthalle) showed his photographic exhibition, ‘Small Stories’, in June.

To him, photographs might not tell a whole story.
Rather, they tell a small story.

First, you go through a tiny Black Lodge, the absolute dream for any Twin Peaks fan.

And then, you enter a room with a turntable, his muse Chrysta Bell’s eerie voice coming out of the speakers.

'Small Stories' Head series, by David Lynch
Lynch exhibition in Budapest

A square room where uneven ‘fake’ chairs carry the names of the artworks.

On the walls, about thirty large pictures, sometimes grouped together, sometimes by themselves.

All of them with a strong Lynchian vibe: naked gremlin creatures, industrial landscapes, black and white, sharpened and blurry.

'Head', photography by David Lynch
Head, by David Lynch

I was eager to see his famous ‘Head’ series. Cut-out humanoid mannequin shapes on a black background.

With texturing and symbols that evoke sunken, uneasy feelings that I swear I have felt before. And yet, that I am unable to name.

What a lot of people find hardest, and I’m no different, is to not focus on what Lynch actually intended to express.
Rather, he said many times, he wants us to find our own way through his works.

So, I tried to let go of what I thought things could mean and told my mind to go for a wander.

I kept going around the room to discover new details. It felt like a meditation, which is quite fitting since he has been practising transcendental meditation for around 40 years, every single day.

In the next room, there were more photographs, with more of his precious blob-shaped creatures.
In a video, an expert was drawing a parallel between the Lynchian universe and Kafka’s.

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Lynch could be a modern Kafka.

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