Francis Bacon, Nils Frahm and climbing Mt Kilimanjaro

Journal of an art translator – Week #5

Francis Bacon tortured figures
Francis Bacon

/ 4th Feb / #ArtlifeTranslations: Francis Bacon

I picked the awesome exhibition from the painters of the School of London at the Hungarian National Gallery for today’s #ArtlifeMondays

Francis Bacon, Lucian Freud, David Hockney, etc.
Bacon being one of my all-time favourites.

His tortured figures move me, it’s like the character’s inner battles have a familiar feel.

And aside from his distinctive technique, I admire the artist and the life he led.

His chaotic but amazing studio was moved from London and recreated identically in Dublin.
Although the artist was born in the Irish capital, he never considered himself Irish.
Seeing it in real life is a great memory.

People tend to have conflicted views on Bacon.
What is for sure is that his paintings are far from neutral.

Whether you like him or not, he strikes a chord in anyone.

Do you think Francis Bacon’s work is too dark?

Nils Frahm at the Müpa, Budapest
Nils Frahm at the Müpa, Budapest

/ 5th Feb / Nils Frahm

I had a two hours and a half brain massage, last night, thanks to the 35-year old virtuoso.
His music blends between classical piano and electronic melodies, it’s just the right amount of catchy and improv‘, of simple and intricate, of familiar and strange.

In the beautiful auditorium, there was a tangible atmosphere of trust, everyone hanging in suspension, knowing they were in for a treat.
He made us feel it was OK to let go, for a generous 2.5 hours long performance and journey.
Laughter, melancholy, humility.

When I came to, I thought to myself I still had a lot of hours of practice ahead of me on the piano…

I feel very privileged to have witnessed this masterpiece of a show.

If you haven’t yet, I warmly recommend listening to him, for all tastes and ages, in any situation.
It’s sort of a feel-good Swiss Army knife.

What’s your favourite song from him?
Mine is ‘All Melody’, listen here!

📷 credit: Tom Howard

Kilimanjaro climbing Luna
Mountain climbing Luna

/ 8th Feb / Climbing Kili (+ audio recording)

I introduce to you, Luna the explorer.

Yes, when I’m not translating behind a computer or interpreting in a booth, I actually go outside!

I climbed Mt Kilimanjaro last September to raise funds for a charity caring for kids with disabilities in Tanzania.

Many of you know it and supported me like absolute superstars already.
It’s true that I’ve told that story a few times, since I came back down to sea level.

However, now I’ve been invited to do it in more depth during a laid back webinar by some of my favourite entrepreneurs, the inspiring @bizmuses.

I can’t believe I’m going to speak during a Coffee Hour!

I hear some of you at the back thinking: ‘Oh, God, not that story again, enough!’

But this is an opportunity for me to really tell you the lessons I learnt (while fundraising and trekking) and, most importantly, how these lessons can be put to practical use in your day-to-day.

I have heard people say that conquering a mountain is more like conquering yourself.

And isn’t that what we aim to do, every day?

To listen to the recording, click here!
And get inspired to conquer your own Kilimanjaros.

If you’d like to help the charity, click here!
Thank you so much for them!

Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro
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