Arab World Institute, client feedback and night owls

Journal of a museum translator – Week #4

L'Institut du Monde Arabe - The Arab World Institute, Paris
Arab World Institute, Paris

/ 29th Jan / #ArtlifeMondays:
The Arab World Institute

Last week’s #ArtlifeMondays article made me want to show you another prime example, if more modern, of Arabic patterns in architecture.

The façade of the building that is home to the Arab World Institute is outstanding, both outside and inside.

That’s true, architects Jean Nouvel and Architecture Studio conceived it to be a mixture between both Arab and occidental worlds.

In addition, I highly recommend checking out the rooftop terrace with incredible views over the French capital. Namely, the docks of the Seine and the back of Notre-Dame.

The permanent exhibition starts on the seventh floor, and you make your way down to continue the visit.
Amongst the exhibits were some very old books (yum!), with pieces showcasing beautiful lettering work.

When I try to imagine the long hours spent by the calligrapher, aiming to achieve the perfect gesture, apply the perfect pressure for a perfect brush stroke, the book nerd in me is having a party in my brain. Truly, it’s fascinating!

If you happen to be in Paris before the 10th of February 2019, go check out the major exhibition, a virtual journey to ‘Age Old Cities’.

Thanks to virtual reality and giant screens, you will be able to peek at important sites in the Arab world, most of them absolutely grandiose… Yet, some have been disfigured by the recent unrests.

It breaks my heart to think of how much knowledge we lose, at every conflict, because of the actions of a few fanatics.

The intention behind the exhibition is to give life to those threatened cities while raising awareness about the importance of preserving such precious heritage.

I’m upset that I’m going to miss it. Have you been?

Check out what’s on by clicking here!

Latest client feedback
Latest client feedback

/ 30th Jan / That’s why I do what I do!

This is my latest client feedback, fresh from about an hour ago.
And it tastes even better when it comes from someone important from your niche market.

I gave this project all my heart, because that’s what you do when you are truly passionate about the work.

And the results are there.
You see, those words are my reward.

Communication is everything, in a project, and so is feedback!

I find that, by prioritising work with individuals (direct clients rather than agencies), I can connect on a deeper lever and, often, deliver a service that’s more tailored, more personal, more ‘them’.

When all parties communicate with honesty, understanding exactly what your client wants and how he/she wants it happens naturally.

My working station, mobile office
My working station – Night owl

/ 31st Jan / Night owl

Since last year, I’ve managed to reset my internal clock in order to be productive during the day.
I work regular office hours for everything related to translation projects.

But, before, I was always more alert during the late afternoon/evening and had a surge of energy at bedtime (of course!)

So, naturally, I still have days like today, where I know I’m not at the top of my game behind the computer.

In that case, there’s no point forcing it.

Regular tasks were taking me longer to complete, I felt rather sluggish after a long week
And I kept going to the kitchen to stare at the inside of my fridge (Hey, no judging, I know you do it, too!! ?)

So I swapped things around.

Did some cleaning, organising, read for about an hour, practised piano, folded some laundry, listened to
Nightmares On Wax’s new record, ‘Back To Mine’.

As a result, I’ve just sat back down at my office to finish my work day.
Many people who work 9-5 jobs don’t have the opportunity to do that, and research has shown that they are truly productive only about half of their day.

However, I realise that I’m able to do this as I don’t have a partner or a family to be with in the evenings…

When are you most productive?
In the night-time or bright and early?

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