2019 goals, CPD & piano breaks

Journal of an art translator
– Week #1 –

/ 8th Jan / Hot and cold /

When I started calling myself an ‘entrepreneur’, calling my freelance baby a ‘business’, talking about my ‘systems’ I was concerned. Indeed, it didn’t feel natural.

I was worried it would change into something mechanical, cold, about numbers, productivity or something robot-like, with no human dimension or values, for instance.

But it turns out that, when done right, businesses are simply the reflections of their owners.

They can be moral, beautiful, kind, loving and honest.

After all, I am the same caring person looking after my business, carefully planning for the future, tweaking and honing my crafts…
and looking after each translation project and client.

Every time a client trusts me with a job, it comes with a lot of responsibility.
As a result, I apply the same love and dedication that I do in my business, because both are my professional image.

“Be yourself in your business”
was the best tip I was ever given.

I was always a little scared to be considered too ‘eccentric’.
But any personality trait can be turned into a vocation.
In fact, rather than a setback, that’s a unique selling point.
Now, I’m hyper-specialised, and my clients love it!

It ensures that you’ll always be honest with your customers, that you truly mean well and that you cannot hide behind false promises.

It also means you’re not necessarily a good fit for everybody.
And, trust me, it’s better that way.

For 2019, I have many goals. But one of them will always be spending time shaping my business even more like me.

What makes you the happiest? A little crazy? How will you turn that into your unique selling point?

/ Jan 9th / Wednesday = #backtoschool day! /

It’s the day of the week that I… get to use pen and paper!

But, more importantly, it’s the day that I spend solely on developing my skills and on all the tasks that sustain my business.

As my work week progresses, I usually have lots of new ideas, tasks that come up and, in the end, that’s a lot to keep track of.

So, I write a quick note in #rememberthemilk and deal with it the following Wednesday.

This way, I don’t lose time task-switching during my work day and to stay focused on the project at hand.

Everything has a time and a place.

What I really wanted to do this year is work on my skills by taking actual classes (MOOCS or online courses).
Right now, I’m honing my marketing skills.

Learning all the time, staying up to date with the latest developments, being a project and workflow manager, an accountant, a secretary, the executive director… is actually part of any entrepreneur’s brief.
And it’s time-consuming, so I schedule it.

That’s my trick to stay on top of my game.
Eager to know about yours!

/ 11th January / Creative breaks /

I’m waiting for lots of new equipment for my mobile office. Indeed, I want to be able to work outside from home and still have a comfortable workspace.

I am super excited to try it all out, so
I’ll show you all about it next week!

And yet, I also like having the option
of working from home.

Taking creative breaks during the day is something
I wouldn’t be able to do in a café or in a co-working space.

There’s something cosy about staying home when it’s snowing outside, when you’re in your cocoon, doing something that gives you pure happiness, on your own terms.
I wouldn’t have it any other way, such a lucky bunny!

Some location-independent professionals prefer working from home,
whereas others like to have the boundaries of an office.
What about you?

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