Translations, copyediting
for Art, Music
& Culture

Are you a professional in the cultural sphere? 

Enhance your global reach with pitch-perfect translations

Are you a creative,
ready to send your brainchild beyond borders?

Avoid cross-language awkwardness

Your copy and marketing strategy 
deserve a touch of magnifique!

Luna Jungblut

Hi! My name is Luna
and my mission is to ensure that your exhibition material,
press releasemarketing content or publication
skillfully and accurately appeals to the French-speaking public,
prompting them to act.

The translation of literature and poetry that I also perform
means that I tackle deep cultural concepts
while preserving musicality on a daily basis.

With words, I paint pictures in the audience’s mind
and create content that resonates with them.

But enough about me,

What do you need results for?

An event?

Facilitating communication

Let me handle
all this language business
at your international meetings.

Written material?


I'll make sure your texts
have the impact you want
in a foreign language.

Audiovisual material?


Even abroad,
your videos will achieve
the results you're looking for.

It's nice to meet you!

My name is Luna and I have been transferring arty content from one culture to another for over five years.

I am a trained translator & interpreter and proud owner of Artlife Translations.

Don't you think culture should be accessible to all?

So do I, with a passion.